(Website updated  June 4, 2019)

NARFE is the only national organization devoted to protecting the earned benefits of all active and retired Federal civilian employees.  Cost of Living allowances (COLA's), Social Security including Medicare and Medicaid, and Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) health insurance are among the issues in which we have a shared interest and which are at constant risk of being eroded because of political or alleged budgetary reasons.  In the present budget-deficit climate, not only is it more difficult to seek improved benefits, NARFE must and has waged an intensive, defensive campaign to preserve what we already have.  NARFE has been successful in this.  Despite various proposals in recent years, we haven't lost anything (yet).  

NARFE is well worth the modest annual dues, which are akin to an insurance premium toward the protection of your own earned benefits, including especially your retirement benefits.  NARFE's effectively targeted lobbying efforts on our behalf are vital.  NARFE is also a bargain.  For example, NARFE's superb, tightly focused monthly magazine is an invaluable source of information on our issues and is by itself worth the annual dues.  

No one else can fill NARFE's shoes.  No one else will go to bat for us.  But for NARFE, YOU would be worse off!  NARFE needs you and you need it.  

To join NARFE or to receive further information, please contact Chapter President Arlene Page at the phone number or email address shown at the top of this site, or use the "Contact Us" button there.  You may also go to NARFE National Headquarters' website at


Your NARFE membership affords the opportunity to attend non-obligatory monthly chapter meetings.  Attendance is totally voluntary, but NARFE's chapters are its grass roots.  Chapter participation is the best way to make your voice heard in the organization.  Also, the meetings are a good opportunity to socialize, to be updated on current NARFE issues, and to engage in interchange with interesting invited speakers.  When you join NARFE you will receive a monthly newsletter, "The Coast Line," from our local chapter.  

Plus, our meetings are just plain fun.  We also organize chapter picnics, outings, excursions and events, and an annual Holiday Party in December which too are fun.  Our chapter usually meets on the fourth Thursday of each month (except November) at a local restaurant.  The meetings are announced in the chapter "Coast Line" newsletter each month.  They include an optional luncheon at reasonable cost.