(Website updated  April 4, 2019)
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THURSDAY, March 28, 2019 
BERLIN, MD 21811

The meeting was called to order by Larry Walton at 10:00 am. Seventeen members were present, including officers, Larry Walton, Arlene Page, Cliff Fridlind and Virginia Bender. The Pledge of Allegiance was conducted & a moment of silence was observed. Three NARFE members joined our chapter. They are Maryann Loveless, Doug Fisher, and Tom Scott
The minutes from the November 2018 meeting were approved as submitted. The meeting was recessed to introduce our speakers. Joanne Cunningham and Tracey Huggans from the Dunes Manor Hotel in Ocean City talked about the amenities at the hotel where our conference will be held May 5th through May 7th. Joanne talked about the food for the conference and mentioned that tea and scones are served from 3:00 – 4:00 and coffee is available in the lobby in the morning. They brought a tray of pastries to the meeting. Tracey showed us some of the crafts that will be available to make in our free time. Tracey is also their digital marketing director. 
Old Business
The meeting resumed and Larry talked about final plans for the Biennial Conference. He urged everyone to get their checks to him so he can fill out and send the two registration forms to the treasurer before the deadline. One check of $50 is for registration and one check for $45 for the banquet. 
Officers Reports – Treasurer’s Report: A summary of the report will be in the newsletter and report with back-up documentation will be available for audit. The audit was completed by Paul Mazzei and one other member with no problems. Cliff reported that the IRS Form 990 was submitted and accepted. The check for $100 for the Chapter insurance policy will be sent in April. No other Officer Reports
New Business
Election of Maryland Federation Officers is due by April 15th. Fill out your ballot and mail it into the Ballot committee. Instructions can be found on the NARFE Website. Steve Habeger discussed state and federal PACS and urged us to donate as they both work to help save our earned benefits.
Meeting adjourned by Virginia Bender and Steve Habeger at 10:50 am. The 50/50 of $10.00 was won by Larry Walton.  

Virginia Bender
Secretary, NARFE Chapter 2274