(Website updated  October 3, 2017)
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No meeting Minutes - September 28 was the Bus Trip to NASA, Wallops Island

President's Message - October 2017
There was no meeting in September because of the bus trip to NASA, Wallops Island arrange by Steve Habeger. Thanks Steve, it was a great experience.
The Annual Chapter meeting will be a luncheon on Thursday, October 26, 2017, at the Community Church at Ocean Pines, 11227 Racetrack Road, Berlin, MD 21811. Doors open at 10:30 AM and the meeting starts at 11:00 AM, followed by the luncheon. The cost is $12.00. All members can attend the meeting, but you must RSVP and send checks to Larry Walton, 8 Martinique Cir., Berlin, MD 21811-1703 or 443-831-1791 or by October 19, 2017, to be included on the head count. If you commit to attending you will be expected to pay – even if you are a “no show.”  
Installing the new Chapter Officers at the Annual Meeting will be Dr. Gary Roundtree, the new NARFE Maryland Federation President. Anne Healy of Blue Cross Blue Shield will be the speaker. Open Season for health insurance is November 13 – December 11, 2017.

The new officers for Ocean Area Chapter 2274 are:
Larry Walton: President 443-831-1791
Arlene Page: Vice President
Virginia Bender: Secretary
Cliff Fridlind Treasurer 410-742-7505clifff304@gmail,com
Thanks to Tom Xenakis who served as Secretary, and will continue to work with Ted Page to produce our newsletter.  

Hurricanes in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and other parts of the Caribbean: NARFE’s Disaster Fund is available to federal employees in the form of a cash grant up to $500 which does not have to be repaid. Every issue of the narfe magazine has a form for donations. “NARFE members helping NARFE members.”
This is my last newsletter as President of Ocean Area Chapter 2274. It has been my pleasure to serve you for the last four years. I will continue to be an active chapter member. See you in November. I am going on a bus trip to the Smoky Mountains October 22-28, 2017.
Eleanor Kaul

Treasurer's Report for September 2017

50/50 Raffle $ 0.00
NARFE Dues$ 133.29
Luncheon Checks/Cash $ 0.00
Wallops Excursion deposits $ 65.00
Void Check #1775 $ 127.89
Alzheimer's donations$ 0.00 
$ 326.18

Printing/Postage/WEB$ 93.88
Check #1782 (Bus for Wallops)$ 550.00
Check #1783 (picnic expenses)$ 127.89
Web Hosting debit$ 8.99
$ 780.76

Future Obligations
State Federation Dues$ 0.00
Alzheimer's Chapter Donations$ 31.00
Insurance$ 0.00
Bulk Mailing Permit$ 0.00

Respectfully Submitted
Clifford M Fridlind
Chapter #2274 Treasurer

THURSDAY NOVEMBER 16 - SAVE THE DATE – a Private Tour of Secrets Distillery! 
- Distillery tour, meeting, and lunch at Seacrets - Thursday, November 16, 2017
- Tour at 10 AM
- Meeting at 11 AM
- Lunch at 12 Noon 
Note: tours are limited to 20 people. If we have more than 20 people, the second tour will start 10-15 minutes later and lunch and meeting will be 10-15 minutes later than above schedule.
- We can order before our meeting at 11 AM and be served at 12 Noon or pause our meeting if meals are ready before 12 Noon. A choice of two lunch specials will be available at $6.99 each. We must order from these two specials. Tips are not included. Dessert will be available at an additional cost. There will be a 6.5% food tax and a 9.5% liquor tax.
- Drinks are not included in the $6.99 price. Soft drinks and tea are $2.50 (no free refills). Alcoholic drinks are $5 and up.
- We cannot have separate checks. However, one check for each table will be provided and will have to be divided up among those sitting at each table. We will have a specific area for meeting and lunch.
- Tour will cost is $5 per person (normally the cost is $10 per person).
- Total cost is approx. $17.00: $5.00 for the tour and $12.00 for lunch. Please bring CASH – and have your $5.00 Tour Fee separate from your $12.00 Lunch Fee. This does NOT include any alcoholic drink. 
- Each person will get three samples of his/her choice from among about 10 spirits produced by Seacrets distillery. Leighton Moore, owner of Seacrets, will be our tour guide and/or bartender in the Speak Easy in the distillery.
- You can park in the parking lot next to the distillery. Seacrets does not open normally until 4 PM on November 16. However, Seacrets will open for us on November 16th at 10 AM. Since we will be the only customers there, parking will not be a problem.
For more information contact Jeff McArthur (410-524-5322) or email him (